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In collaboration with Lady M Confections, we created an augmented reality Instagram filter to enhance their limited edition 2023 Moonglow Gift Set, celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. The goal was to create a unique, immersive experience that would resonate with customers and generate pre-orders by pre-seeding the filter to influencers. Using the packaging as inspiration, we created two interactive Instagram filters, one for influencers and one for customers and fans of Lady M Confections to experience the gift set, and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival wherever they are.


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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival With Augmented Reality

To capture the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival and enhance the Moonglow Gift Set's packaging, we created an augmented reality Instagram filter that let users step into the gift set's design elements. Customers and Lady M fans could virtually interact with a 3D model of the unit, getting a feel for its unique design before making a purchase. The gift set's design featured elements like full moons, lucky rabbits, festival lanterns, and decorative foliage. We brought these elements to life, giving users the power to craft their own animated garden scene around the 3D model by simply swiping their finger to move a magical rabbit around the space.


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Bringing the Moonglow Gift Set To Life In 3D

To bring life to the packaging's artistic motifs, we crafted 3D models of the featured flowers. Additionally, we animated the flowers and bundled them, allowing them to appear dynamically behind the rabbit in a random order. This ensured that every user enjoyed a unique and captivating garden scene while using the augmented reality Instagram filter. The flower colors complemented the unit's design, enhancing its visual appeal without overpowering it. Additionally, our design team achieved a realistic yet whimsical rabbit, mirroring the gold foil accents of the gift set and infusing it with a touch of enchantment.

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Leveraging Influencers with Augmented Reality

To make a significant impact and encourage pre-orders of the gift set, we developed an augmented reality strategy for influencers. Influencers who received early access units were given a unique filter designed for creating content featuring the physical gift set. This filter guided them through aligning a virtual unit with their physical gift set. By using a bounding box to estimate the physical unit's location, influencers gained the ability to control the rabbit's movements, all while revealing delightful 3D floral elements—without obscuring the view of their physical gift box. This strategic approach empowered influencers to craft engaging content that seamlessly blended the gift set with the magic of the AR filter.

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Lady M Augmented Reality Instagram Filter

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