Kenneth Cole


Kenneth Cole asked ROSE to help bring their Voicewear campaign to life and allow customers to project positivity and promote mental health in their space. As part of the Voicewear collection, the brand wanted customers to be able to see a series of 5 phrases from the collection in their own spaces to encourage consumers to be authentically themselves. ROSE animated the designs and created a world effect Instagram filter allowing users to project the phrases in their own space using the Kenneth Cole social AR effect.


Kenneth Cole


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Voicewear Instagram Filters

Customers are able to bring Kenneth Cole’s Voicewear collection to life both in-store and at home. At their flagship store in Soho, customers can find QR codes next to the designs they can activate against. Once the user launches the Instagram filter, they are able to tap to place five different phrases in the store or at home, each promoting positivity and uniqueness. These phrases come to life through animation and create an illusion of depth through the use of layers.

i have issues social AR filters

I Have Issues

imperfection personified social AR filters

Imperfection Personified

stand for something social AR filters

Stand For Something

today is not dress rehearsal social AR filters

Today Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

vulnerability social AR filters

Vulnerability Is My Greatest Strength 

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