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ROSE helped create a social media driven unboxing experience using AR, that allowed everyone to “unbox” Adidas’ latest shoe virtually and interact with it on social media.

American Express

We helped integrate many different identity, risk analysis, data processing and front end systems. ROSE built a set of back-end microservices to cover all of the business logic supporting the Working Capital Terms platform.


We helped Airbnb optimize their Help Center experience, and reworked its approach to content and the architecture of the systems that support content production. ROSE created custom functionality to further optimize Airbnb’s use of the platform.


In 8 weeks, we created the first user-generated augmented reality experience. Users can virtually customize a bottle of Patrón and experience it in their environment using augmented reality.

Lockheed Martin

How It Works Students will have four challenges that increase in difficulty as they work through them. The students who complete all four challenges and reach the “Recruitment Level” will see a Completion Board and see other students from the same school to have made it to that level. Within each level there are “Hotspots” […]

New York State

We worked with the New York DMV to create a strategy for monetization as well as advising on UX/UI enhancements using drupal as a way to further their digital transformation efforts.

New York Lottery

ROSE helped the New York Lottery launch into the 21st century with ticket scanning technology and a modern tech stack.

JP Morgan Chase

We created a first-of-its-kind at JPMC machine learning productionisation system, middleware to surface insights, and a web interface to bring ML insights to large cap clients looking to manage their cash flow intelligently.


We leveraged conceptual experiences thought up by the Publicis creatives to create augmented reality experiences that highlighted key aspects of the partnership that was being pursued with Disney, using the value that Publicis brought to the table in the style that paid homage to Disney’s own legacy.


ROSE helped Fuse strategize, design, and implement a responsive web experience that drove up user engagement and help re-invigorate their namesake across all Fuse web and mobile properties.


We engaged with ContentStack to research and discover product pain points within their system. Using this research we created a UX strategy and translated that strategy into UX/UI solutions for the platform that would allow it to surpass the competition.

Global Wildlife Conservation

ROSE helped strategize and execute the digital implementation of the GWC rebrand, using expert UX design to promote donations.

Tom Ford & 52Hz

ROSE worked with Tom Ford and Lonely Whale to design a seamless website that allowed for submissions, judging, and review of their Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize submissions.

SportsNet New York

ROSE’s team redesigned and developed their digital properties. ROSE’s team redesigned and developed SportsNet New York’s website, increasing the interaction with video content by 30%. The creation of team hubs allows New York sports fans to quickly interact with their favorite teams, curbing competition from other sports reporting platforms.


ROSE built two WebAR experiences that are deeply interactive, highlighting the unique details of KHAITE’s footwear and clothing designs in a way that offers endless creative freedom for the user.

Forward-thinking and driven, they constantly look for ways to improve on our platform.


We had thousands of users per second, and ROSE was prepared to handle more.

Annex 88 x Adidas

In addition to the quality of their work, they’ve also been very flexible and able to pivot as needed.


They are exceptionally talented at translating the needs of the end-user into a useful platform.

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We know you must have some questions.
Here are some answers.

How did ROSE get started?
A little over seven years ago, ROSE was founded in a Harlem living room out of a love for the ways that creative technology can bring wonder into daily life. It started small. $50 WordPress project on Craigslist small. Our founder, Evan, didn’t know then that this dream — building digital products — would turn into his life’s work. Seven years later, ROSE has worked with some of the most recognizable companies on the planet and helped smaller companies get a jump on their competition. Our work has been used by millions of users in 100+ countries and has been shared in publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, the New York Times, and Wired. We’ve been named by INC Magazine and the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US and the fastest-growing black-owned IT Services firm.
How do you differ from other digital agencies?
Psst… the secret is we’re not really a digital agency. We start with the intended business outcomes and use our various innovation tools (web, mobile, AR, voice, AI) to craft products that help achieve those outcomes. We aim to be your secret weapon to help you use technological innovation to delight your customers and widen the gap between you and your competitors.
Why is AR so important to you?
Every couple of decades, technological innovations come along that change the way the world works. The internet, laptops, and mobile devices are all examples. We believe that there is a perfect storm brewing. Augmented reality, paired with the bandwidth/latency of 5G and the power of AI will combine to change the way that human beings consume information. The ubiquity of smartphones changed all of our lives but because of the form factor, we are separated physically even while we are united digitally. By overlaying information on reality, we remove the glass barrier between all of us, elevating technology in a way that will help us to reconnect in new ways.
Your team has experience that is all over the place. Is that a part of your hiring strategy?
We value creativity, diversity, and lifetime learning. Our team composition reflects these values. Our job at ROSE is to merge creativity and technology to build experiences that users can’t stop talking about. To do that we need varied perspectives, skills, experiences, and backgrounds. Thankfully, we have that in spades.
What stack do you use?
We’re partial to Javascript but we are generally agnostic. In addition to Node, we’ve built systems in PHP, Python, Java, C# and others. We consider the stack a tool to be applied based on the situation. We will always seek to choose the right tool for the job at hand.

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