How Do We Expand Our Reality?

We’re experts in taking the world from 2D to 3D. Through expert design we create multidimensional components that are not only beautiful, but fulfill the broader business goals of the client’s project.


3D Object Design

3D object design is the practice of making an object look as it’s intended through materials, textures, and lighting. This allows us to focus on the individual elements of the objects before placing them into the broader animation or design.

3D Object Animation

Animation adds interest to any extended reality experience. We bring your products, environments, and user interactions to life by adding physics based, skeletal, and baked animations to the objects in your scene.

High Fidelity 3D Object Scanning

3D object scanning allows us to produce a high quality rendering of products and objects without the time spent making a 3D model from scratch.

Web/Mobile Ready 3D Objects

Just because it’s a 3D object doesn’t mean it’s ready to be placed into an extended reality experience. We create and optimize 3D objects that balance size restrictions while maintaining a high fidelity.