We all wish money would fall from the sky, but with Ibotta you can really make it happen–in augmented reality. Make It Rain is an engaging and immersive webAR game designed for Ibotta, a leading cash back rewards app. The game plays a key role in a larger campaign that encourages new users to sign up and motivates existing users to keep making it rain with cash back. In addition to creating an interactive experience that promotes the app’s ability to easily earn users cash back, the game provides users with a fun and memorable way to interact with Ibotta and snag a new user bonus.



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of users replayed

75 sec

avg session duration

Attracting New Users Using Augmented Reality Games

Ibotta wanted to create a unique augmented reality game that would stand out in the crowded digital landscape. The challenge was to create an experience that seamlessly unscored Ibotta’s mission and showed new users what the platform does. Additionally, we needed to provide users with a simple and intuitive gameplay mechanic. The team at Ibotta envisioned a game where users could make it rain cash anywhere. Thus, Make It Rain was born. The game allows users to activate a 3D storm of cash. During the game, users are trying to collect enough cash to win before the time runs out.

We created this experience knowing that it would serve as a jumping off point for Ibotta’s 360 campaign. Therefore, we crafted the game’s art direction and assets with intention and ability to have them interpreted and reused for the other pieces of the campaign.

How it Works


Users access the WebAR game via a direct URL or QR code. Within the experience, users receive instructions to tap and place the Ibotta favicon as an anchor for the game. Whimsical clouds then appear in the sky, with the user at the eye of the storm, as money rains down. Throughout the game, users face the challenge of tapping to collect the cash and fill up the collection bar before the time runs out.

At the end of the augmented reality game, new users are prompted to continue to “Make It Rain” in the app with a new user bonus code. They can also open the Ibotta app from the end screen, facilitating a seamless transition between the game and sign-up.

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Driving Traffic Via a 360 Campaign

Tik Tok

We created a TikTok filter to drive traffic, boost brand awareness, and enhance campaign recall. The filter uses the WebAR game's assets in an easier, socialAR-ready format. Users stack cash, with their faces on it, onto an Ibotta splash screen. Upon finishing, users are driven unlock a real cash bonus through the Make It Rain WebAR game.


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Make It Rain Installation

Ibotta teamed up with Blue Pixel to create an interactive installation, touring the country to boost the WebAR game's visibility. Inspired by the game's 3D objects, the booth came alive. Visitors explored, snapped photos at themed Instagram walls, and sat on the iconic Make It Rain cloud. They then scanned an Ibotta receipt to enter the Make It Rain cash drop. Even non-winners had a shot at earning money through a new user cash back bonus by playing the augmented reality game.

TV Spot and Social

Ibotta's team expanded the campaign reach with a TV spot. It showcases the Make It Rain cloud surprising grocery shoppers with cash when they pick up products. Ibotta also partnered with influencers to promote the webAR game and new user bonus.

Converting Players to Ibotta Users

Ibotta demonstrates its commitment to innovation and customer engagement through the Make It Rain augmented reality game. By leveraging AR technology, Ibotta has created an immersive experience that entertains and rewards users. Moreover, Make It Rain seamlessly guides users to the Ibotta app, boosting brand awareness and user conversion. The WebAR game achieved significant success, boasting a 43% click-through rate on end-CTAs to the app. Additionally, 42% of users replayed the game purely for fun. During the experience, users spent an average of 75 seconds, which is an impressive 1.6x the length of the game.

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