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In partnership with the Premier League and their creative agency, Doppelgänger, ROSE designed and developed an innovative augmented reality trophy hunt to spark enthusiasm for the upcoming 2023-2024 Premier League Season. This interactive experience was designed to engage fans in select cities and extend the excitement to supporters nationwide.


The Premier League

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The Opportunity

The inaugural Premier League Summer Series presented an opportunity to captivate American fans. Despite no points being at stake, the hunt for the '24 Premier League trophy was officially underway. For the teams, matches served as a crucial platform for teams to set the tone for the upcoming season. For the Premier League, this was a moment to expand their presence and make American fans feel appreciated.

Driving Fan Engagement With An AR Scavenger Hunt

Creating a Premier League augmented reality scavenger hunt allowed us to showcase the Summer Series cities in a unique way. Additionally, the experience provided an opportunity to showcase all 20 of the Premier League teams, even those not participating. By using augmented reality, we could stand up the experience quickly without the need for permits from the host cities for physical advertising. 

Through this innovative hunt, we emphasized the importance of the Summer Series games in the pursuit of the coveted Premier League trophy. This experience provided a dynamic platform for fans to demonstrate their unwavering support for their favorite teams. Additionally, the hunt itself acted as a powerful promotional tool, effectively creating a buzz around the Summer Series games.

premier league AR trophy hunt

The Augmented Reality Experience

In-City Experience

Enthusiastic fans in the Summer Series cities could utilize the in-experience map to uncover 20 virtual Premier League trophies. Upon entering a trophy boundary, users tapped to unveil a 3D trophy and sky segmentation filter. This interaction added the corresponding team’s badge to their trophy cabinet collection. Accumulating trophies within the city granted entries into the Premier League’s Summer Series giveaway. Additionally, fans had the opportunity to capture photos and videos with their collected trophies and even transform themselves into the trophy using the face filter.

At-Home Experience

For supporters outside of the select cities, a separate AR experience enabled them to express solidarity with their favorite club. Users could interact with the Premier League trophy in augmented reality. Also, they could engage with the face filter for a unique photo opportunity, and share on social media. They were also provided the chance to enter a sweepstakes for exclusive Premier League merchandise.

Utilizing a Content Management System

We harnessed the power of Contentful to seamlessly manage our location-based interactions. This enabled us to distinguish between at-home users and host city users. In the latter, there were 100 distinct locations, each with its individual geofence. Additionally, every location was equipped with specific team assets. Notably, team instances were linked across cities, ensuring users could seamlessly transition between, say, NYC and Philadelphia, with their Trophy Cabinet displaying all their acquired trophies using the relevant city's map.

By leveraging Contentful, we streamlined the management of multiple sets of assets, ensuring real-time updates for users as they moved from location to location. This allowed for seamless engagement and made for easily updatable assets as new teams entered the Premier League. This project is a prime use case for how companies can easily update existing augmented reality experiences without the need for an engineering team.

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