Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) was looking to create an interactive website to drive traffic and engagement with Rewilding projects. In order to promote biodiversity and build community, ROSE collaboratively imagined innovative ways to drive engagement and create an online forum for people to engage with each other. Through creative technology GWC can continue to build upon their efforts and continue working towards a greener tomorrow.


Needing a website that spoke to pragmatic users, academics, and everyone in between, we focused on creating emotional user experience journeys that ultimately encourages visitors to donate money or volunteer their time. Additionally, the designs focused on providing one cohesive website, while allowing for content to exist for all types of users whether that be scientists, academics, students, animal lovers, and more.

The design also allowed the Re:wild team to provide impact tracking to visitors — seeing where money is going and how it is being used — further promoting donations and user engagement.


We helped steer content and messaging to address the global push for conservation. We provided content strategy surrounding their pages and CTA’s to increase engagement and pinpoint how to get users to interact with the Re:wild content. We also strategized a content approach that melded scientific language with everyday language that allowed for a broader user base to engage with the content.

content is king

content is king

Headless CMS

We harnessed a headless CMS which allowed for the content creation process and content presentation to be separate. This content management system decouples the content creation and the content presentation, allowing content to be published anywhere and on any framework. It offered more flexibility for the Re:wild team and is able to be used on an iOS app, Android app, and any other platform someone might be looking to use.