Heads Will Roll

Headless CMS options are useful tools when building websites. Headless CMS systems use an API to deliver content directly where you need it, and allows for the content creation process and content presentation to be separate. Using a Headless CMS means you can pipe data for use on an iOS app, Android app, and any other platform someone might be looking to use. This is a powerful option for platform creation for developers.


Headless Content Model Architecture

There is a lack of definition with front-end systems allowing for content to be presented anywhere. Headless content management systems decouple the content creation and the content presentation, allowing content to be published anywhere and on any framework.

Middleware Codebase, Webhook Templates And Implementation, Migration Scripts

With headless, the connections matter. Since the CMS system is decoupled from the front end, we have become experts in building the connective tissue that makes a high-scale headless CMS backed application go. That might mean a dynamic caching middleware, an analytics system that can serve personalized content, a migration system to pipe in your vast data, or webhooks to connect various services.

Widget/Dashboard Builds

Due to the front end being decoupled from the content management layer, some of the plugins you're used to may not work as expected. To counteract this, we specialize in building custom CMS-native widgets and dashboards to enable your team to be more productive than ever while reaping the benefits of the headless CMS.