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Steve Madden's original "Big Head Girls" were a staple of the late 90s and early 2000s. To bring back this look in an iconic brand moment, Steve Madden worked with five influencers to create a new take on their iconic brand symbol. The "Steve Maddenverse" campaign worked with Gen Z influencers Normani, Nessa Barrett, Jordan Alexander, Sydney Sweeney, and Justine Skye and scanned them to create 3D avatars. Wanting to bring customers into the Maddenverse, Steve Madden and Elite World Group worked with ROSE to create five Instagram effects that transform the fans into their avatar of choice. Using WebAR, ROSE also created an augmented reality shoe try-on experience.


Steve Madden

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Maddenverse Influencer Instagram Filters

As part of The Maddenverse campaign, ROSE created an Instagram filter for each of the campaign’s influencers. We worked with the original 3D avatars and applied textures, animations, and lighting to translate the campaign’s hero images into Instagram filters.

Hair, Body, and Skin Segmentation

In order for every Instagram user to be transformed into their influencer of choice, we had to take special measures to ensure that the skin tone of the avatar would update to match the users’. We accomplished this by using color sampling and updating the skintone of the avatar in real time. By applying body and hair segmentation, we were able to place the user’s head and hair accurately on the avatar throughout the duration of the animation.

AR Shoe Try-On

To further their step into the Metaverse, Steve Madden wanted to give their customers a way to experience the new line virtually. To encourage interaction and drive customers to purchase, ROSE created an augmented reality shoe try-on for the Maxima shoe. Users were able to virtually try-on the sneaker in two colors and click to purchase.



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