Amid a global pandemic the solutions to some of our most basic problems need some creativity. With COVID’s continued presence in our lives, social distancing continued into a time that is usually filled with parties, family gatherings and holiday festivities. People were looking for ways to make new traditions, and to connect with their loved ones from afar. Enter the Patrón Virtual Gift Wrapper. We worked with Patrón to create a first-of-its-kind digital wrapping. This experience provides a sentimental and original take on gifting alcohol as well as gives customers first-hand experience not just using augmented reality, but harnessing it to make something themselves.



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How It Works

Gifters used the Patrón Virtual Gift Wrapper microsite developed by ROSE to create a custom wrapping including photos, text, and stickers that transforms into a 360-degree augmented reality gift wrapping around their Patrón bottle. This gives customers a chance to use this emerging technology in a new way that hasn’t been available in retail before.

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Why Use Augmented Reality?

Accessibility of the experience to all Patrón customers was of the utmost importance, both in terms of the technology and creativity. We wanted the Patrón Virtual Gift Wrapper to be usable from an everyday mobile device, without the need for expensive VR technology. We also didn’t want to require the user to be a painter, have an empty warehouse to dance around in with VR goggles on, or have an intricate understanding of 3D sculpture or set design to maximize the reward of the experience. Additionally, we wanted to capture the same magic of seeing something you create exist in 3D space. 

Patrón Virtual Gift Wrapper augmented reality unwrapping

Experience It Yourself


How We Built This

There needed to be a simple, intuitive interface for the user to customize their design and we needed to apply the design to a 3D model composed of a number of different materials and textures, from soft cork to clear pebbled glass to shiny metallic gift wrap.

Patrón Virtual Gift Wrapper bottle styles

2d to 3d

2d to 3d

The Patrón Virtual Gift Wrapper needed to show that customized bottle back to the user in an interactive, attention-grabbing 3D experience. And finally, we needed to be able to scale the experience for a mass marketing campaign, which meant preparing for a large number of concurrent users with different devices and intents.

Patrón Virtual Gift Wrapper 3D models

We settled on technologies to address each of these challenges: a React/HTML Canvas microsite to design the wrapping, an 8th Wall/A-FRAME experience to view it, and a serverless API backend with cloud storage to support scale.

Built For Social Sharing

We capitalized on a recent 8th Wall update that allowed for sharing directly to Instagram. Linking this capability up with native web sharing UI allows users to share their captured content directly to the social social media platform of their choice.

With the PATRÓN Virtual Gift Wrapper, we are providing gifters the opportunity to create custom and personalized gift wrapping to connect with their friends and family this holiday season, while also fostering memories that go beyond the last sip.

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