Quality Is a Process

At ROSE, Quality Assurance is more than a phase in development. It is an ongoing cycle that builds upon itself while strengthening the development team and inspiring trust. Our QA cycle is split into the three waves of "Test Case Creation," "Test Case Execution," and "Test Case Automation". As soon as the first feature is designed, QA can start with its cycle.


Test Plan Creation

To understand the strategy, objectives, and deliverables, our QA engineers work with the development team to hammer out the acceptance criteria. The artifacts that come out of this documentation will be the Test Cases that form the backbone of the QA cycle.

Automated Quality Assurance

Following initial manual testing, QA automation engineers will take the Test Cases and use them to create automated versions of the Test Cases allowing for faster, more frequent testing.

Manual Quality Assurance

As features are finished in development, test cases are manually tested to ensure that the feature is working properly and test any edge cases that may arise. Starting with a human tester allows testing to occur in a holistic manner, taking into account the project and design goals.