Airbnb enables a vast network of hosts to connect with guests all around the world. Behind that surface lives an equally vast network of content and support personnel who support all of the little things that make Airbnb stays seamless.




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Rethinking Airbnb Hubs

ROSE was brought in to help re-think and revamp how the content structure across vital platforms like the Airbnb Resource Center and the Host Hub. These platforms serve as the backbone for Airbnb’s extensive network of help centers, catering to the needs of numerous support agents world wide.

Airbnb help page desktop
Airbnb mobile help page

ROSE created custom functionality to further optimize Airbnb’s use of the platform, consolidating multiple buggy, home-grown duplicative services within a single scalable and reusable solution. We reworked its approach to content and the architecture of the systems that support content production and created custom functionality to further optimize Airbnb’s use of the platform.

Airbnb help page

We helped to create content schemas for a vast array of different types of content. We supported the content producers and managers by designing and building customized widgets and dashboards to optimize their day to day work. Through this collaboration, we helped redefine the content landscape within Airbnb’s support infrastructure. By introducing innovative solutions, we contributed to enhancing the overall user experience and augmenting the platform’s capabilities to meet the evolving needs and demands of Airbnb’s vast user base.