ROSE helped the largest lottery in the United States come into the 21st Century. The New York Lottery underwent a major digital transformation that involved moving services online and building out a coupon system for both web and mobile. ROSE built three main functionalities that expanded the lottery’s offerings: NYL Ticket Scan, NYL Money Dots, and NYL SSO.


New York Lottery

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play to win

Ticket Scan

We were tasked with designing and building ticket scanning functionality to improve user’s lottery experience. We created a simple, usable interface that made scanning the tickets retain the feeling of turning in a ticket and finding out you are a winner. To accomplish this we built out the interface, integrated customer support, included a flashlight for those night owls, and a series of unique celebration animations that not only recognize the moment for the user but direct them as to how to collect their winnings. Our build resulted in an average of 15,000 scans per day and over $300 million in New York Lottery tickets sold using the functionality.

New York Lottery scan another ticket animation.
New York Lottery ticket scan functionality. User aligning overlay with physical ticket.
New York Lottery winner ticket animation.


scans per day

$300 million

in tickets sold using the functionality

Money Dots

In addition to expanding the basic functionality of the lottery, ROSE was tasked with supporting the release of the new Money Dots game for the New York Lottery, which links to the incredibly popular Quick Draw offering. We worked to design a way for users to play the Quick Draw Money Dots drawing from their homes rather than having to travel to a retailer with a display. We aimed for simplicity to avoid a busy and frantic gaming experience, so we built an intuitive way to map Money Dots and clearly show the user the information they need to win. This build resulted in 3 million players participating in the Money Dots offering.


+ 3 million

api calls per month

Money Dots game animation example.
Money Dots game animation example

How It Works

Single Sign On

The New York Lottery ecosystem is large and expanding — including a growing group of 3rd party apps which leverage NYL data and identity to drive their experiences. We were tasked with creating a central NYL user identity and a system for 3rd parties to implement in their apps simply and easily. We spearheaded design and development for an SSO experience that works responsively across all devices. We also had to ensure the reporting was accurate, ensuring when one system is being used across many different clients, the error rates are low and are being fixed proactively. We added tooling to track errors through the various steps of the flow, and in order to reduce fraud we integrated ID Data Web to add identity verification using personal data, OTP and government identification.