JP Morgan Chase


Savvy startups and household names alike have sought a piece of the pie, innovating the convergence of technology, banking, money, etc. Industry leader JP Morgan Chase is taking advantage of the space’s changing landscape and is remaking itself with technology at its core. That initiative included taking a data and design centered approach to innovating for their largest customers. ROSE was brought in to help bring machine learning models to production.

ROSE provided UX and QA support to the investment banking division, as well as implemented support for machine-learning. We optimized the CI/CD tooling and designed a GraphQL API to stream data to the React + Apollo powered front end. The data powered a set of D3 graphs contained in the user’s account dashboard which provided insights about key data points describing cash flow across accounts. This created a unified view of the treasury teams’ accounts that allowed their teams to drill down on data visualizations at the account level. This gave them the ability to track machine learning based insights.


JP Morgan Chase