Evan Rose

Reaches Saiyan Mode Around 2 AM

Founder and CEO

Eric Liang

If Homer Knew JavaScript


Nicole Riemer

Monica Rising, Rachel Moon

Creative Strategist

Patrick Foley

Must Love Dogs, Dungeons And/Or Dragons

Director of Quality Assurance

Wilner Midouin

Commerce and Cycling and Cabarnet, Oh My!

Sr. Technical Project Manager

George Egan

Three Orcs Walk Into a Bar… the Fourth One Ducks

QA Engineer

Chet Hay

Living Out An Alter-Ego as a Pompous Diplomat's Son

Jr. Engineer, Front End

Pete O’Neil

New England Loyalist

Director of Technology

Arya Jha

Jack of All Trades, Master of Most

Associate QA Engineer

Marie Liao

Engineer on the Island of Misfit Toys

QA Engineer

Piotr Sroczkowski

Left-Brain Gamer, Right-Brain Coder

Back End Engineer

Anna Petry

The Textbook Middle Child

Associate Project Manager

Junhao Zhu

Most Likely to Create a 5-Star Meal from Leftovers

User Experience Designer

Leonardo Malave

Live Like There’s Snow Tomorrow

Tech Architect

Tristan Beaulieu

Daft Punk Wishes They Knew How to Code

Sr. Engineer, Front End

Pawel Mączka

Blogs, Dogs, and Jogs

Sr. Engineer

Julie Gross

If Dr. Dolittle Were Good With People Too

Human Resources Lead

Stano Bagin

Bend It Like Bagin

User Interface Designer



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