Frank Vidal

Frank Vidal

Others Are Parents, This Is a Dad


Whether it’s tearing it up on multiplayer with his Call of Duty loadouts, searing perfectly rare flank steaks for his signature stacked jibarito sandwiches, or taking ROSE’s project management team to new heights, Frank’s presence at ROSE is large and in charge. If you couldn’t tell, Frank’s taste is all Maximalism: hooked on science fiction since the first Star Wars, he’s always in for galaxy-spanning adventures like Dune and The Expanse. But don’t be fooled by his dad jokes and demeanor; along with his previous years of experience running trade shows, Frank brings to the office precise organization and a deft, hands-on approach.


Project Management

Process Development

Project Scoping

People Pleasing

Cat Herding

Experimenting With

Alternative Project Management Methods

Augmented Reality

Parenting Teenage Girls

Culinary Skills

New Loadouts in Call of Duty

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