To celebrate Bloomingdale’s 150th anniversary, Bloomingdale’s wanted a way to connect with consumers everywhere. ROSE stepped in to collaborate, crafting an immersive Fashion Augmented Reality Experience to complement their exclusive anniversary looks. Leveraging WebAR technology, ROSE enabled users to virtually explore 14 curated outfits in their own surroundings, be it at home, in-store, or alongside the commemorative catalog, fostering inclusivity in the celebration.











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Celebrate Anywhere and Everywhere

This fashion augmented reality experience offers multiple activation methods, ensuring accessibility to all. 400,000 households received catalogs with QR codes that can be used to open the fashion augmented reality experience. Scanning a page of the catalog brings the models and looks on that page to life, transcending the boundaries of traditional print media. Users can also launch the experience without the catalog and select a look to place in their own environment. Whether that be in store, at home, or even in Times Square.


Off The Catalog

Times Square

Using the Fashion Augmented Reality Experience

Once the experience has been launched, users are able to scan or select a look that they want to see in more detail. By tapping the screen, you are able to place the model in your space and can pinch to resize the looks. Users are also able to shop the look directly from the experience, and capture content to share on social media.

Upon launching the experience, users have the freedom to explore their favorite looks. With a simple tap, the models materialize in the user’s surroundings, offering an interactive viewing experience. Using an intuitive pinch-to-zoom gesture, users can resize the outfits to examine the details up close. 

Augmented reality model standing in front of a mannequin wearing the same dress.

Furthermore, the integrated shopping feature enables direct purchase of the items, seamlessly bridging the gap between consideration and acquisition. Additionally, users can capture captivating content within the experience, fostering engagement and amplifying the celebration across social media platforms. This fashion augmented reality experience not only celebrates Bloomingdale’s rich legacy but also embodies innovation at the intersection of fashion and technology.

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