Tom Ford and Lonely Whale have partnered up again to host the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize to help keep plastic out of our oceans. The designer’s $1 million prize will focus on replacing “thin-film plastics” — the plastics used for storage and plastic sandwich bags. ROSE was responsible for the website design and development of the platform to power this world changing competition, enabling innovators from all around the world to submit their ideas, track them and allowing judges to review, discuss, and evaluate them.

Tom ford home page

The Design Specs

Tom Ford and 52hz knew they needed a judging process implemented early in the project — but had no idea how that process would work within the framework of the website. Our designers created a specific judging flow that enabled an easy submittal and judging process. These designs created user flows that were easy to understand and showed how every step worked while within the portal. The website design and development was specifically crafted with these user flows in mind, as well as Tom Ford specifications throughout. The portals included document uploading, evaluations access and posting, judging portals, comment submissions, newsletter signup, and content sharing.

submission portal

Tom ford judges portal general timeline.
Tom ford general information entry form.
Tom ford entry form.
judges portal

Tom ford judges portal.
Tom ford judges portal.
judges portal evaluation.
52 hz team portal

Tom ford file upload site.
submissions for prize