In partnership with the Miami Design District, Mastercard® has provided cardholders with a #priceless tour of the area. In this Mastercard® priceless augmented reality tour, cardholders can see seven key pieces from the District's collection in their own space. With this partnership, cardholders are given the exclusive opportunity to go through this immersive view of the Miami Design District’s collection and learn more about the iconic pieces.




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Tour The Miami Design District With This AR Portal Experience

Using their mobile device, Mastercard® cardholders can choose where to start their tour via an augmented reality art installation at the start of the experience. Once a piece is selected, users are transported to the Miami Design District and can experience a 360-view of the selected art pieces.
Upon entering each portal, users will be able to learn about each piece through
audible and written descriptions. Users are able to walk around these pieces by tapping or walking towards designated hotspots. 

By moving around each portal, users can see different angles of the art pieces by looking around with their phones. The Mastercard Priceless Augmented Reality Tour empowers users to see the art pieces as if they had traveled to Miami themselves with the added benefit of historical facts about the art all in the same experience. 


Tap Orbs To Enter Portals

Text and Captioning

Explore With Hotspots

Listen or Tap To Learn More

Featured Artwork On The Tour

Featured works on the Mastercard Priceless Augmented Reality Tour include Interdimensional Portal by Criola, Buckminster Fuller’s 
Fly’s Eye Dome, John Baldessari’s Fun Mural (Part 1), Wall Drawing #1138 by Sol LeWitt, Virgil Abloh’s Dollar a Gallon III, Standing Julian by Urs Fischer, and Jana Euler’s Two Brides. These pieces are a combination of pieces available to the public, as well as some from the district's private collection, making this experience exclusive to Mastercard® customers. 

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