To celebrate Black History Month, ROSE created an AR experience that works to educate users on the theme of Black History Month for 2022: Health and Wellness. Black history is often a footnote in textbooks or relegated to a small section of museums, despite being a large and core part of American history. To give Black History the space and stature it deserves, we created a museum-like experience that anyone can access and explore within their own home.



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ROSE Research and Development





How It Works

Users are able to place the entrance to the portal experience anywhere. Upon walking through the door, users will be immersed into a museum-like room exhibiting a timeline of medical contributions by Black Americans. Using the on-screen navigation, users are able choose the time period they want to explore and, upon selection, the content will update dynamically in the space.

Tap to Place Portal

Utilizing a tap to place portal allows users to enter the virtual museum by stepping into it. This gives users the experience of being in a new space and fully immerses them in the content.

Tap to place portal
Textures update

Dynamic Textures

Updating content in this way allows for the portal experience to be small enough for a user to explore in their home, while also displaying vast amounts of content. There are 30 curated events to explore within the AR experience.

This exhibition reminds us that we cannot fully appreciate the advancements of the present or hope for the future if we do not honor what it took to get here. It is a tribute to Black Americans’ brilliance, sacrifice, courage, and resolve displayed through history.

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