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Lockheed Martin has a long tradition of holding on-campus recruiting events to attract talent. However due to proliferation of COVID-19 there had to be a creative solution to holding these events while abiding by social distancing guidelines. To retain the excitement around recruiting, Lockheed Martin engaged McCann and ROSE in creating a digital recruiting experience with a series of challenges designed to test computer science students, potentially earning them a fast-tracked interview with Lockheed Martin. The Challenges are housed in a virtual Lockheed Martin research facility, designed by McCann, and supported by an intricate back-end system developed by ROSE.


Lockheed Martin

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The Digital Recruiting Experience

 The design of the digital recruiting experience mimics a Lockheed Martin research facility. Students face four challenges that increase in difficulty as they progress. Each challenge takes place in a different part of the virtual Lockheed Martin facility. Students move from floor to floor–virtually–as they complete the challenges. Those who complete all four challenges and reach the “Recruitment Level” will see a Completion Board displaying the names of other students from their school who have also reached that level. Each level contains “Hotspots” with useful information and tips. Students can return to the challenge at any point during their school’s access window without losing progress.

The Build and Development

In partnership with McCann, we developed their designs into a system that allows for users to have a seamless user journey. Students have the ability to access the portal, upload their files, and see who is progressing to different levels. Additionally, we developed a code validation system designed to compile the code the student wrote, confirm that the code submitted fits the criteria of the challenge, and then return a result for the student — this technology is also able to run multiple coding languages depending on what each student decides to use. Overall, this system allowed for Lockheed Martin to create a digital recruiting experience that mimicked on site interviews and tests during COVID times.