What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation can mean a lot of things — a website build, machine learning, process implementation, and a world of other things. We work with you to get a clear idea of where you are and where you want to be, and develop a roadmap that makes deploying innovative products possible. Our process is holistic and ranges from discovery, strategy, design to development, and QA which makes it easier to measure the impact of these products on your business.

Our Expertise

Digital Strategy

Our strategic approach is rooted in data. We speak with stakeholders and users of all kinds to help us both orient ourselves and identify how best to use data to drive impact. Our strategic approach sets the groundwork for all engagements.

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UX/UI Design + Strategy

We focus on brand experience, giving customers unique interactions that are proven to boost sales and conversion rates. Our UX and UI strategy is deeply rooted in measurable and testable results, prioritizing customers and their relationship to the brand.

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Front End Development

Presenting a beautiful, usable user interface is at the heart of everything we do. Our Front-End team works to present your users with an experience that they’ll remember, talk about, and share.

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API/Back End Development

Our team feels at home dealing with scale. We architect scalable and easy-to-maintain APIs and cloud infrastructures that utilize best practices and the latest approaches from microservices to serverless builds.

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Headless CMS Implementations

Content should be able to live everywhere. We are experts at architecting headless content management systems that can push your content to wherever your users are — from web to smartwatches and beyond.

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Technical Upskilling

With any digital transformation, the human element is essential. The best tech in the world is no use if your team can’t continue to maintain and produce new features. We work with our clients to impart best practices, not only for the technology but in the agile and human process arena as well.

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Quality Assurance

Partnering with ROSE means quality, in every way. One of the most important steps of our Digital Transformation process is Quality Assurance and ensuring the product we’ve built is ready for all users.

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