ROSE had the privilege of collaborating with the NYSERDA and KSV to help debunk myths about heat pumps, encouraging residents of New York to "Experience Clean Heat" in their homes. The initiative aimed to revolutionize how consumers interact with clean heating solutions by leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology. Our goal was to create an immersive and educational experience that bridged the gap between understanding the benefits of heat pumps and visualizing these solutions in users' homes.

Test Your Clean Heat IQ In Augmented Reality

To dispel myths about clean heat, we created a quiz hosted by NYSERDA’s heat pump mascot Chatty. Users can tap to place the WebAR experience and will step inside a door to a “typical” upstate New York home, in 360 AR. There they will be greeted by Chatty, who serves as a friendly experience guide. Chatty starts by introducing users to the purpose of the experience and then engages them in an interactive quiz. Upon finishing the quiz, users will receive their Clean Heat IQ score which they can share on social media. 

Place door

Enter 360 Quiz Portal


Take The Clean Heat Quiz

NYSERDA Quiz Results

Get Your Results and Learn More

Additionally, they have the option to move onto a second AR experience: “See Clean Heat." This experience allows anyone to see how the four main types of ductless mini split units, commonly used as the air flow mechanism in clean heat powered homes, will look in their space in real scale. By tapping interactive hotspots, users can learn more about each type of unit. Users can take images and video of the way the devices look in their home Additionally, users can  link out to the cleanheat.ny.gov website to talk to a licensed contractor.

Intro See Clean Heat

See Clean Heat Experience Intro

See Clean Heat Room Scan

Environment Scan + Placement

Placed Model Interaction

Explore Models

Driving New York Residents to Learn More About Clean Heat

As part of the Experience Clean Heat Campaign, KSV and NYSERDA worked with partner locations that use heat pumps. These locations display signage driving visitors to use the See Clean Heat AR experience to learn about clean heat solutions. This strategy allows visitors to experience clean heat both physically and virtually.

We also created a second version of the experience that only contains the See Clean Heat In AR experience. This allows NYSERDA to be able to link the tool on relevant webpages and drive to experience directly via social media placements.

Through innovative technology and engaging content, we are empowering consumers to make informed decisions about clean heating solutions. The project not only educates users about the benefits of heat pumps, but also inspires them to take action towards a more sustainable future.